Call for papers

The growth in investment in subsea technology is set to continue the growth that has been a key factor in defence planning in the Asia Pacific over the last decade. There are new entrants to the submarine operating environment, those with established capability are seeking upgraded or enhanced platforms, and new capabilities are being actively sought.

This year, the conference theme is “Optimising Undersea and ASW Operations in the Asia Pacific”.

With this in mind, UDT Asia 2019 invites papers that are relevant to the following topics below:

New Platforms, New Technologies

•  Next generation of undersea platforms and capabilities

•  Man/ Machine teaming in the underwater environment

Cost Effective Midlife Upgrades Programmes

•  Integrating  next generation  submarine/anti-submarine warfare technology with legacy platforms and systems

•  Technical best practices in modernising  legacy systems

•  How do you deliver the same results but spend less – Latest market developments or strategies applied?

Promoting Safer Submarine Operations in the Asia Pacific Region

•  Knowledge transfer and developing a safe submarine culture

•  Preventing mutual interference and avoiding undersea Incidents

•  Cooperation and collaboration in Submarine Escape and Rescue

Unmanned / Autonomous Systems

•  Advances in unmanned vehicles for surveillance and/or mine countermeasures

•  Advantages and challenges of utilising  unmanned autonomous systems

•  Command and control in the era of Unmanned Systems

•  Tactical and operational concepts of employment for unmanned systems

•  Technology transfers from other sectors

Underwater Seabed Sensors / Networks

•  New longer-range sensors and emerging undersea communication capabilities

•  Technology Transfers from commercial industry developments

For more information, please contact Barney Reeves at  or at +442073 848 222.

Deadline for submission: Friday 12 October 2018