Agenda Day 2

Undersea Operational Requirements for the Asia Pacific Region
Chairman’s opening remarks
Concepts for Future Submarine Operations in the RSN

Colonel Teo Chin Leong, Commander, 171 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Navy

Subsea Operations within the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force

A senior representative from the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force

PANEL: Strategic Technologies and Future Capabilities for the Underwater Battlespace: How must Navy’s Adapt?
Platform Capability Development and Engineering
Update from Malaysian Navy’s Submarine Programme

Dr Razali Yassin, Director, Maritime Technology Division, STRIDE, Ministry of Defence Malaysia

Challenges of Developing and Maintaining Underwater Systems in Tropical Environments

Dr Aznida Yusuf, Head, Tropical Testing Centre, Science & Technology Research Institute for Defence, Malaysian Defence Ministry

Development and Engineering of the Type 218SG for Confined Littoral Waters

A senior representative from Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH

Q&A with speakers
Lunch and networking
Strategic Update on India’s Submarine Programme

Commodore (ret) Anil Singh, Vice President, Indian Maritime Foundation

Development of Japanese Underwater Capability from the Naval Systems Research Centre

A senior representative from Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), Japanese Ministry of Defence

Q&A with speakers
Chairman’s closing remarks, afternoon break and networking