Who will you meet at MilSim Asia?

Meet a wide cross section of the military training and simulation community at MilSim Asia 2019.           


Senior visitors in 2017 included:

  • Director General Australian Defence Simulation and Training, Australian Defense Force (Australia)
  • Head Training Officer, Republic of Singapore Navy (Singapore)
  • Head Training & Learning Systems Branch, Singapore Armed Force (Singapore)
  • Pilot, MINDEF (Singapore)

  • Defense Attache, Embassy of Japan (Japan)
  • Officer, Royal Thai Navy (Thailand)
  • Head of Education Development Quality Assurance (Indonesia)
  • Fleet Aviation Expert,Republic of Singapore Navy (Singapore)

MilSim Asia 2017 Review

  • 367 unique visitors
  • 27 Nations represented
  • 35 VIP visitors
  • 84% of visitors will come back in 2018
  • 93% of visitors would recommend MilSim Asia to a colleague
  • +54% attendees compared to 2016

MilSim Asia 2018 Testimonials

"A real eye opener to on-going threats and advancements in technology" Jaya Ruban AOSX MINDEF (Singapore)

MilSim Asia 2017 Testimonials

"The Event Very knowledgeable getting through advance technology in easy ways. Experience speakers well explain well organised."  Mr Satiah Kumar, Manager, Sovereign Security Services (Singapore)
"Well organised event. looking forward to a broader spectrum of military simulation tools and future trends" LTC (ret) Khai Leong Lee, Experimentation Consultant, NCS (Singapore)

2016 Testimonials

“Every contact we made at MilSIm Asia is a new contact”, Stephen Kussmaul, Managing Director, Triangraphics.
“MilSim Asia is the only opportunity we have to exhibit in Asia and reach local military training and simulation customers. We rebooked for 2017 directly onsite!”, Christoph Bode, Managing Director, project: syntropy. 
“MilSim Asia is very relevant to our organisation and has helped our training simulation department to expand its business opportunities in the region. The crowd we have met was composed of the exact decision makers we were here to see. We have created many new contacts so we are really satisfied of our experience at this event!”, Arnaud Chevillot, Sales Director, ECA Group.
"I attended Clarion’s first tilt at the Asia-Pacific market. Although in its infancy, MilSim Asia was among one of the better conferences I have attended in the region, and Clarion had taken the time to make sure they understood what the local audience wanted – something that some of the other events companies have not managed." - Darren Lake, Managing Director, Shephard Media.