Call For Papers

The MILSIM Asia 2018 conference committee invites papers that are relevant to the focus areas below, and address approaches and best practices for effective national and international collaboration in the development of training and education solutions that can adapt to the ever changing defence and security environment. 

  • Modelling Operational Assets with Latest Innovations - SE Asia are making efforts to modernise their capabilities and training traditions to achieve political stability and steady economic growth
  • Best Practices in Simulation and Training: Military Perspective - It is a common misconception that the purchase of technology will automatically mean enhanced training outcomes. The acquired learning technology must be matched with relevant instructional strategies and assessment in order for it to fulfil its desired purpose. This session welcomes papers to showcase and contribute operational best practices in live virtual training (LVC). The case studies should clearly describe the coordinated efforts and strategies practices by the military to enhance their training exercises
  • Interoperability and Training Collaboration - To meet the rapidly changing needs of military organisations around the world, military practitioners must find a way to enable coalition forces to “train the way they fight”.
  • Military Readiness against Cyber Defence - Government and militaries in Southeast Asia are now entering the next phase of transformation, which will leverage on new and emerging technologies on cyber defence. With new and dangerous threats evolving and growing at an alarming rate, government cannot afford to be complacent.