MILSIM Asia 2019 Conference


The Asia/South East Asia  remains a region of vital strategic importance and enhanced training and simulation offers a means to ensure high force readiness in an era of constantly adapting threats. For this reason, Milsim Asia is an event focussing specifically on bringing the latest and most innovative Training, Modelling and Simulation military technology to the Armed Forces. Brought to you by the organisers of the internationally recognised ITEC exhibition, the conference will cover live, virtual and constructive simulation/training. Over the two days we will deliberate simulation and training (S&T) for various capability areas, including tactical training for land, air and sea. Support for large scale multi-national exercises, strengthening of interoperability and the role of constructive simulation during war gaming scenarios and doctrine development will also be covered in detail.

Specific key areas covered will include:

•  Plans for Future Training Systems Capability Development

•  Virtual Training and Development of Tactics

•  Constructive Simulation and Modelling

•  Computer Assisted Exercises (CAX)

•  Multinational Shared Training

•  Cost Effective High Fidelity Solutions

Plans for Future Training Systems Capability Development

·  Delivering highly effective training at a fraction of the cost of large, legacy systems with flexibility to update rapidly to new threats and training requirements

·  High fidelity solutions that respond to the needs of the operational environment and training community

·  Open technical standards, interoperable, quick, cheap to build and maintain training systems

·  Leveraging and further developing AI technologies for more responsive training

Virtual Training and Development of Tactics

·  Development of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

·  Land domain: Training for the dismounted soldier, combat vehicle crews, indirect fires, JTAC and close air support

·  Air: Training for pilots of fixed wing and rotary platforms, weapons and sensor operators, AEW&C, UAS

·  Naval:

Constructive Simulation and Modelling

·  Constructive simulation and models to support planning and operations

·  Computer assisted exercises (CAX)

·  Artificial intelligence (AI) development

Multinational Shared Training

·  Simulation for planning and support of large scale live multinational exercises

·  Fully networked training systems

·  Overcoming interoperability challenges between nations