Call for papers

Across the Asia Pacific region, nations are continuing their investments in the economic development of the maritime environment. The sea is a vital highway for trade, for the delivery of humanitarian aid, and as a source of natural resources. To protect these investments nations are accelerating the development of  their maritime security and defence capabilities. A key pillar of these developments is the advances being made in maritime domain situational awareness across the region, and the ability to deliver security through the creation of maritime patrol capabilities.

The 2018 Singapore Air Show demonstrated that airborne maritime surveillance in particular looks set to grow with greater proliferation of both affordable and full-spectrum technology capabilities.  Busy commercial waterways and a concentration of island states also necessitate strong and adaptive maritime defence, both above and below the sea, through a comprehensive mix of capabilities.

Maritime Patrol Asia 2019 provides a vital forum for maritime operational and technical experts to see and hear the latest developments in the delivery of littoral maritime security.

The theme of MPA 2019 is ‘Delivering Enhanced Maritime Situational Awareness in The Asia Pacific Region’. We are calling for original unclassified papers on this theme from international leaders, military personnel and subject matter experts as well as leading thinkers from government, academia and industry. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

Enhancing collective situational awareness

-  Improving territorial water and EEZ surveillance and security

-  Policing international waters

-  Countering illicit activity incl. piracy, trafficking, illegal fishing etc.

-  Propositions for enhancing regional cooperation

Maritime patrol platforms

-  Airborne, land, surface and undersea

-  Full spectrum vs. adaptability & affordability

-  Manned, unmanned and man-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) solutions

-  Actionable multi-source ISR and initiatives

Enabling technologies and architectures

-  Current and future ISR systems including AI and robotics

-  Mission modularity and open architecture-based adaptability

-  Data fusion and multi-platform ISR integration

-  Doctrines for encouraging technology and knowledge transfer

To submit your paper, please complete the form below. We look forward to seeing many of you in Singapore next January.

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